Writing for the Web

          Web Copy

Web copy tells customers more about your business, your products or services. It helps them navigate your site and tells them what they need to know about your business and brand. It's copy on the home page, the about page, the service or product page. 

Copywriting markets your business, products and services.

            UX Writing 

Microcopy for websites and applications

  • CTAs
  • Success Messages
  • Password Errors
  • Placeholders
  • 404 messages 

        Web Content 

Articles and information can drive traffic to your website and attract new business. Content should be focused on topics relevant to your business and information your customers may be searching for. The content you include should be of value to your customers and encourage them to use your products or services. 

  • Feature articles
  • Blog posts
  • 'How to' articles 
  • Info articles

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